ABOUT | m's braque


This brand, m’s braque, has been started expressing by the creative pattern with vintage fabrics and dead stock materials which were obtained in europe, and these materials are difficult to reproduce today.His design that is based on his original tailoring includes elegance and romance, with unique touch. His will to create is not interrupted with using japanese craftsmanship and using the new stitches.The comfort and his design are compatible with each other. That is because, he does not only stress the importance of the appearance,but of the cutting and the graceful curved lines.The pursuit as a craftsmanship deeply attracts us the grand beauty of the back and m’s braque proposes you these individual designs.

ヨーロッパ各地を回り、ヴィンテージやデッドストックなど現代では再現できない貴重なもの、意匠的な素材や付属で独自のパターンメイキングを表現することによりスタートしたm's braque。テーラリングをベースにしながら、艶や色気と共に独特の‘抜き’が内在。日本の職人技術を取り入れたり、新しいステッチを試みるなど、途切れることのない創作への意欲。表層的なデザインだけでなく、カッティングや流れる曲線を大切に、着心地とデザインを両立。その圧倒的な背中の美しさ、こだわった‘物造り’を追求し、独自のスタイルを提案